Deneb does Beware the Batman

As a general principle, I applaud risk-taking. I think it’s an excellent idea.

Not, mind you, that I’m suggesting everyone run outside and play chicken with garbage trucks – I’m talking creative risks. Sticking strictly to a formula can be the death-knell of creativity if you aren’t careful, and many works now heralded as masterpieces got their start when someone decided to say ‘screw the rules’ and follow the advice of their muse.

Of course, a risk isn’t a risk for nothing. Often it will fail, sometimes catastrophically – but even then, the results are usually worth taking a look at. As I’ve said before (probably pinching it from someone else in the process), I’d rather have a spectacular failure than a mediocre success.

So what the hell am I supposed to think about a show that’s both? And sometimes neither?

Well… I’m working on that. But in the meantime, let’s take a look at Beware the Batman. Continue reading

Deneb does Dumbo [Tales of the VHS, Part 7]

Remember, you come of a proud race. Why you’re a, a… a pachydoim! And pachydoims don’t cry!”

The Scoop: 1941 G, directed by Ben Sharpsteen, Samuel Armstrong, Norman Ferguson, Wilfred Jackson, Jack Kinney, Bill Roberts and John Elliotte and starring Edward Brophy, Herman Bing, Verna Felton, Noreen Gammill, Dorothy Scott, Sarah Shelby, Cliff Edwards, Jim Carmichael, Hall Johnson, Nick Stewart, James Baskett, Sterling Holloway, John McLeish and Margaret Wright.

Tagline: The One… The Only… The FABULOUS…

Summary Capsule: The bittersweet story of a tiny li’l elephant who can’t catch a break – until he does. ‘Cause Disney. Continue reading

10 Supposedly Sympathetic Movie & TV Characters Who Were Actually Just Jerks


val-kilmer-top-gun-2In movies and television sometimes you get a morally ambiguous character whose journey is a fascinating deconstruction of the heroes’ journey, taking them on a path of redemption or damnation. Characters like Avatar’s Prince Zuko or Walter White come to mind; characters who moral ambiguity serves to shine a light into our own motivations and morality, giving us insight into the human condition.

–And then there are these turds.

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Mike Does The Breakfast Club

“When you grow up, your heart dies.”MV5BOTM5N2ZmZTMtNjlmOS00YzlkLTk3YjEtNTU1ZmQ5OTdhODZhXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTQxNzMzNDI@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,639,1000_AL_

The Scoop: 1985, Written and directed by John Hughes, Starring a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal.

Tagline: Five strangers with nothing in common, except each other.

Summary Capsule: Five teenagers from different cliques and backgrounds actually show up for detention on a Saturday.


Mike’s Rating: Five out of five Neo-maxie zoom dweebies. (Extra points for the metal-head’s correct usage of the words “demented” and “condescend”).

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Mike does I Kill Giants

“I find giants. I hunt giants. I *kill* giants.”i-kill-giants

The Scoop: 2017, Directed by Anders Walter, written by Joe Kelly (based on his graphic novel) Starring: Madison Wolfe, Zoe Saldana and Imogen Poots

Tagline: A young girl. A terrifying giant. We’re Stronger than we think.

Summary Capsule: A girl battles her internal monsters by battling external monsters


Mike’s Rating: Your name is “Thorson” and your war-hammer *isn’t* called Mjolnir?

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Mike does Ready Player One

“Welcome to the rebellion, Wade.”617op+pmgtL._SY450_

The Scoop: 2018, PG Directed by Steven Spielberg, Written by Ernest Cline & Zak Penn, Starring Baby Cyclops, Birthmark-face and That Guy who gets choked by Darth Vader in Rogue One.

Tagline: An adventure too big for the real world.

Summary Capsule: Legendary filmmaker and lifelong geek adapts a fellow lifelong geek’s bestselling love-letter to geek pop culture; geeks everywhere act like they’re too good for it.


Mike’s Rating: Four out of five Galaxy Rangers teaming up with the Centurions to fight the Inhumanoids on Eternia to the tune of “You’ve got the Touch” by Stan Bush

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Hey there, y’all! This comes a little late, since the video in question has actually been up for about a week, but whatever – it’s still an improvement on my recent track record. Without further ado, here’s my take on the much-talked-about latest Marvel movie:

The Captain Marvel video I mention was one I posted on here a while back; if you’d like to refresh your memory (or just haven’t seen it yet), here’s a link that’ll take you right to it:

And so long as we’re posting links anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve linked to my YouTube page, so here, let’s do that, too:

There, that should cover everything. Hope you enjoyed, and I’ll be posting more stuff real soon!