Panic Room

index“My room! Definitely my room!

The Scoop: 2002 R, directed by David Fincher and starring Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart and Forest Whitaker.

Tagline: It was supposed to be the safest room in the house.

Summary Capsule: Mom and offspring hole up against the forces of two burglers and Raoul.

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The Lords of Discipline

lords-discipline-poster“I’d rather get my teeth kicked in than memorize the periodic table any day.”

The Scoop: 1983 R, directed by Franc Roddam and starring David Keith, Michael Biehn, and Judge Reinhold

Tagline: No tagline

Summary Capsule: Cadets at a military school that ISN’T the Citadel struggle with things like hazing, racism and whether to drink their mint juleps out on the veranda. Not necessarily in that order.

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kontrol-poster “Nice place. Come here often?”

The Scoop: 2003 R, directed by Nimród Antal and starring Sándor Csányi, Eszter Balla and Zoltán Mucsi.

Tagline: Murder. Mystery. Romance. Just another ride on the subway.

Summary Capsule: A ticket inspector for the Budapest metro with a pathological fear of the “above-ground” meets a serial killer and an adorable bear.

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The Kingdom

kingdom-poster“Does he know where Bin Laden is? Because that would be great.”

The Scoop: 2007 R, directed by Peter Berg and starring Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, and Jennifer Garner

Tagline: Under fire. Under Pressure. Out of Time.

Summary Capsule: An FBI special investigation team takes an off-the-books trip to Saudi Arabia to solve the mystery behind a shocking terror attack.

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