Happy 20th birthday, Mutant Reviewers From Hell!


Some of you (maybe just a few!) might know that my writing career got started a long time before Massively, Bio Break, and WAAAGH! I, along with several friends, used to write movie reviews daily about cult films that would tickle our odd fancy.

So the story goes that back in 1997 when I was in my junior year of college, an internet friend named Kym and I were talking about our mutual love of strange movies and decided to start up one of those fancy “world wide web sites” that were all the rage. I registered for a free Geocities account (yes, Geocities!) and started cobbling together the site that would eventually be called Mutant Reviewers From Hell (MRFH).

It was dorky only in the way that ’90s websites could be: distracting backgrounds, animated gifs, MIDI jukebox, web counters, guestbooks, and the like. Yet it was also the spark of something special. Kym and I would post short and (hopefully) entertaining counterpoint reviews about the same movie, giving readers multiple perspectives on various flicks. At the time I was working at video rental stores (look those up in your history books, kids) and had an unlimited access to all sorts of crazy films.

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Welcome aboard Yeti!


yetiToday we get the privilege of introducing to you a new Mutant: Matthew AKA Yeti. We’ll be posting Yeti’s first review later today, but in the meanwhile check out his bio and silently judge him as you are all wont to do!

Yeti, according to Wikipedia, is an apelike creature who carries a large stone as a weapon and makes a whistling swoosh sound. Replace that large stone with a hacky sack and you have our newest Mutant. It is known he was raised by all wolves (females), which lead to his unfaltering love of The Jungle Book and all things “rom com”. After his fiftieth viewing of Cocktail he found his inner Tom Cruise and started bartending. He is currently slinging drinks for  celebrities at a movie theater in Los Angeles. Yes. A movie theater. He was last spotted arguing with Raven-Symone, remarking that Tangled was a better movie than Frozen.

  • Read Yeti’s reviews and articles!
  • Yeti’s Top 10 Movies: Disney’s Hercules, Point Break, Cocktail, Semi-Pro, Walk Hard, Road House, Bloodsport, Lord of the Rings, The Dark Knight, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
  • Yeti on Twitter: @Yettibeats

space1970Welcome to a new feature on Mutant Reviewers, Mutant Comrades.  Every week or so, we’ll be spotlighting a fellow cult culture site or blog to recommend to our readers.

Our first recommendation is for the awesomely titled Space: 1970.  It’s a blog devoted to “celebrating the science fiction films and television of the polyester decade,” which is something that I haven’t given a lot of thought to at all.  But the fact is that there are a lot of 70s scifi films and it’s good there’s a site covering them.

Christopher Mills has a barrage of posts covering titles like Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Black Hole, and Jason of Star Command.  He has a very upbeat approach to his site that I appreciate: “I still love these productions with all the enthusiasm I held for them as a kid, and they will be treated here with affection and respect. If you’re looking for someone to snarkily denigrate ‘old’ movies – or like to do that yourself – you’ve come to the wrong site.”

Writers Wanted — Join the Mutant Reviewers Team!

writersThat’s right: It’s time to open up the doors to invite a couple of new mutants into the fold! Mutant Reviewers is looking for passionate lovers of cult movies who have a knack for entertaining and informing with their writing. Is that you? If so, scootch your butt over to a word processor and send us in a sample review!

What we’re looking for:

  • Fans of cult movies that are always seeking the odd and offbeat to watch
  • Writers that are entertaining and knowledgeable
  • Writers that have a solid grasp of grammar and spelling (important!)
  • Someone who is willing to contribute to the site not because of pay (we pay in hugs, mostly) but out of a shared passion for cult movies and TV
  • Someone who can bring a new or unique perspective to MRFH
  • A dodo (because if we found one, we’d be rich)


  • Writers are expected to contribute at least three reviews or articles a month
  • Participation in conversation with the rest of the staff
  • A sense of humor, because we’re all goofy dolts

How to apply:

  • Send your application to Justin: justinmassively -at- yahoo -dot- com
  • Include your name and some information about yourself and your history with cult movies (including your favorites!)
  • Include a sample movie review (if you’re accepted, this will be the first review we post of yours)

Good luck! We can’t wait to meet you!

Welcome to Before They Were Famous Week!

famous2It’s been a long time since Mutant Reviewers hosted a theme week, so let’s do this!

Before they were famous, before they were hot box office draws, before they were the subjects of tabloids everywhere, before they were Trivial Pursuit questions… these actors and actresses were in movies and projects they’d probably rather you forget.  But we never forget, do we?

So join us as we devote a week to walking back to the early days of celebs!  It’s going to be crazy!