Heather does The Dead Inside

diYou don’t even like brains…you’re more of  a large intestines girl.”

The Scoop: 2011 NR, directed by Travis Betz and starring Sarah Lassez and Dustin Fasching

Tagline: Dig Up Your Heart

Summary Capsule: Horrifying circumstances provide two creatively unsatisfied people with the inspiration they’ve been craving, but at what cost?

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rent-poster“There’s only us, there’s only this. Forget regret – or life is yours to miss. There’s no other road, no other way… no day but today.”

The Scoop: 2005 PG-13, and directed by Chris Columbus and starring Anthony Rapp, Adam Pascal, and Rosario Dawson

Tagline: No day but today.

Summary Capsule: Eight friends cope with life, love, AIDS, and New York.

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Louise does Sunshine on Leith

Sunshine_on_Leith“While I’m worth my room on this earth, I will be with you. As long as the chief puts sunshine on Leith, I’ll thank him for his work, for your birth, for my birth.”

The Scoop: PG 2013, directed by Dexter Fletcher and starring Jane Horrocks, Peter Mullan and Jason Flemyng.

Tagline: When it happens… there’s nothing like it.

Summary Capsule: Two soldiers and two nurses fall in and out of love singing Proclaimers tunes.

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