Six 3-D films of yesteryear

While 3-D is still a fad that movies try every now and then, there was a short-lived craze of them back in the day. Check out how these 3-D movies have fared over time:

Jaws 3-D

From our review: “Plus, there’s the 3-D gimmick, which is to horror movies as Tom Hanks is to romance films. Like any 3-D movie flattened down to the small screen, the 3-D elements are noticeable, fake, and are there to hijack any scene in which they appear. Pass on this.”

Friday the 13th Part 3

From our review: “Even without those special glasses, the 3-D scenes are easily identifiable because something approaches the camera closely while everything in the background is fuzzed out. It’s an idea worth merit, but gimmicks like 3-D are never what make movies, and here they’re just distracting and odd (watching popcorn coming at you… ooh, spooky!).”

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

From our review: “Freddy’s Dead is a bomb for many, many reasons (not the least of which is the reliance upon the 3D glasses and the end segment, which is lost when transferred to normal film). It is so lame that it required several subsequent reboots to forget.”

Captain EO

From our review: “I saw Captain EO at EPCOT as a kid, and while it wasn’t exactly the coolest thing ever, it was definitely the highlight of that park at the time.  It was the first of Disney’s ‘4D’ attractions, where you’d watch a movie with 3D glasses on, and they’d also throw some physical stuff out at the audience — smoke, lasers, stuff like that.”

A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

From our review: “In Harold & Kumar, however, the filmmakers know that 3D is a ridiculous gimmick and clearly just wanted be able to throw a bunch of crap at the screen.  And they do. A lot. Even in the 2D version, their relentlessness wins you over and you ultimately can’t help being amused.”

Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone

From our review: “This was the scenario in 1983, as Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back was set to take theaters by storm for the summer blockbuster season. Columbia Pictures thought that a perfect solution would be to get its own scifi movie out a week beforehand. The film in question would star a Han Solo-like character and even, why not, utilize 3-D. That movie was, of course, Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone.”

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