State of the Site: March 2021

Hello Mutanteers!

February was another jam-packed month of content — new and refreshed — here at Mutant Reviewers. We went adventuring in Spacehunter, checked out A Christmas Story’s unknown sequel, shot up the 1980s with Cobra, and blasted toilet snakes with bazookas in Hard Ticket to Hawaii (among others!). Wolfy paid homage to the late Christopher Plummer in Starcrash, we revisited classic ’80s cartoon M.A.S.K., and we more-or-less wrapped up the House series with a look at House IV.

Continued work was done to bring the “C” reviews over as well as renovating old review pages, bringing “I” through “O” up to spec. You’ll really notice that when you use the Mutant Randomizer button on the top-right there, as more of these refreshed reviews will pop up.

For March, you can expect a lot more of the same — and that ain’t bad! We do have some future plans in the works for bigger things, but right now we want to get all of the rest of the review pages brought up to date with big graphics, better links, and even another spelling/grammar pass.

Thanks for your support and readership! Let your friends know about the site, follow us on Twitter, and chat with all the Mutants on our Facebook page. If you enjoy writing about cult film and would like to join the team, learn how to become an official Mutant.

Have a great month,

The Mutant Reviewers

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