Tremors Week finale: Kevin Bacon’s unmade TV series

Now that we’ve covered all seven Tremors movies AND the 2003 television series, that should be enough for this theme week. Right? It should, but for one bizarre and captivating loose end that we need to tie up today: the return of Kevin Bacon to the franchise for a TV series that was never made.

After his portrayal as Val in 1990’s Tremors, Bacon never came back for any of the subsequent projects. Yet, in his own words, he grew to love the idea of returning to the character of Val. “Finding out what happened to him post-worms would be an interesting journey,” he said at a 2018 TV festival.

In fact, Bacon had been attempting to shop around a new series that followed the original movie, bringing Val back to Perfection and a whole lot of graboid madness. It was shopped around to various networks like Syfy and Amazon, and while the “pilot presentation” was made, the series was never picked up.

As far as I know, the full pilot was also never released, although a trailer leaked online and the cast shared various details and scenes from the episode. So as a fitting way to end the week, let’s get a hint of what it would be like to go back to where it all began:

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