Saturday’s Six: A fistful of ninja (movies)

Ninjas: The go-to for any movie looking to inject coolness with a Japanese flair. Check out these six cult movies that’ll sneak through the shadows to slice you up:

American Ninja

From our review: “If you were to intentionally create the most stereotypically ’80s action movie today, there’s no way you could top what’s already been done in American Ninja.”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

From our review: “It ended up being a very positive and (I’m sure) enriching experience, as much as anyone can have watching a movie about oversized reptiles and rodents using ninjitsu to solve their problems.”

Ninja Scroll

From our review: “There was so much blood and gore that in one shot it is literally raining blood. Body parts become detached in a myriad of interesting and physics-defying fashions. I really wish I could have had a video recorder handy so that I could go back and watch the faces I was making during the dismemberment scenes.”


From our review: “With capital letters and whatnot, you’d assume The Game is a highly complicated test of endurance and skill. Not so much, it’s mostly just people running away from spear-wielding ninja and going through an obstacle course so tame that, in one scene, a troop of Girl Scouts are patiently waiting by for their turn on the ropes.”

Ninja Assassin

From our review: “The action of Ninja Assassin has the same way-cool, real-life anime feel that they made famous a decade ago. The CGI is slathered on liberally (but I think effectively), allowing the ninjas to appear and disappear at will, melt into the shadows, and send buckets and buckets of blood spraying from their enemies.”

Beverly Hills Ninja

From our review: “Reportedly, Chris Farley himself was less-than-pleased with the end result, as he felt as though it went far too overboard with the slapstick physical humor and made him look buffoonish.”

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