Six cult baseball flicks

One, two, three normal baseball films and you’re out of patience! But with these six flicks, you’ll see the weirder side of America’s Greatest Pasttime:

The Benchwarmers

From our review: “The twisted humor in this setup divides the audience in half: either it appeals to you greatly, or you will just roll your eyes and spend the next 90 minutes jabbing the ribs of the person who made you see this. ”


From our review: “Turns out BASEketball is so funny it nearly killed me. I had one of those really fun experiences where you take a sip of something carbonated (for this demonstration, gin and tonic) and then something really funny happens on screen and you have to either spit the carbonated beverage out your nose and across the room or quickly become a monk and start meditating on the 8th plane in order to calm down fast enough not to have your brain explode.”

A League of Their Own

From our review: “There’s a lot to like in this movie. There’s snappy dialogue and lots of memorable one-liners. The cast of characters dances that fine line of cliché, but they’re fun cliches so it’s forgivable. There’s a lot of good cast chemistry, and the sets and costumes really look like the 1940s.”

Major League

From our review: “Major League uses baseball as a train, chugging us off to vistas of victory, to landscapes of laughs, to countries of comedy. All the best and funniest scenes are the little bits, and they’re jam packed in here. With actual jam.”

Major League: Back to the Minors

From our review: “It’s light-hearted, has goofy characters doing goofy things, the editing is actually good, the music is playful, and it’s new enough to keep me engaged. It even made me chuckle from time to time. If I was a cable TV watcher and this was on when I was flicking through channels, sure, I’d give it a watch and wouldn’t feel cheated afterward.”


From our review: “Key plot points revolve around the sport, particularly with the Amazin’ Mets and the 1969 World Series. I liked how you could get a sense of how inspiring and intense baseball could be in America, and it’s a bit of a shame that we lost some of that.”

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