Blow (2001)

“I can’t feel my face”

DnaError’s Rating: Ray Liotta must be stopped!

DnaError’s Review: This movie has been added to the very short and very exclusive list of Movies I’ve Walked Out On. An honorable mention for a dishonorable movie. It really is a shame when a movie can’t live up to it’s own ad campaign. The commercials will have you believe it’s an ultra stylish, hip, ironic look at the rise and fall of a 70’s drug lord. About three minutes of it is, however, the rest of he movie is spent in silent awe of Johnny Deep’s preternatural side burns.

In a running time that seems to encompass the entire span of human existence, Blow tells the rise and fall, and rise and fall… and rise and fall of cocaine lord George Jung. It not totally bad, the performances are solid (expect for Ray Liotta). It has some moments of the ironic humor promised in the ads, and moments when the movie’s sense of style and pizzazz burns through. This has a downside, I nearly screamed out “STOP ZOOMING IN!” I was getting sea sick. However, it’s not enough, the movie is boring, dull, and for all I know… still playing at the theater I left.

For me, the movie lost all meaning when Valdenio came on. MST3K fans will know what I’m talking about, the Aztec competant-guy who helps the Puma Man in the classic episode “Puma Man”. Yep, he’s in the movie as a very obvious extra. After that, I wasn’t paying attention to the movie anymore, I was giddy… singing the Puma Man theme song to myself.

“Puma man, he flies like a moron, do de do…do de do do. Believe it or not, this movie still on, should have ended two hours agooooo. When you want, the taste of pine in a biscuit…do de do…”

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