Mutant Reviewers state of the site: August 2020

Welcome to the first-ever Mutant Reviewers state of the site! This will be a general monthly update about what’s been going on with your favorite cult movie review site and hints at what’s coming down the pike.

Back on May 6th, we re-opened Mutant Reviewers in the middle of the global lockdown with the initial purpose of freshening up the look of the site and to continue the work of bringing over old reviews from the dead site. Quickly, this snowballed into a much larger effort that resulted in an overhauled site with a new theme, revamped pages, and actual new content from several writers. We’ve started to recapture the magic that Mutant Reviewers once held for us, and it’s been a joyful experience to see the old girl alive and kicking again!

In fact, many of our former (and now, current) writers sent us in life updates to let us know what each of them have been up to this past decade. It’s definitely worth a read. And we are definitely open to new writers joining up with us (here’s some information if you’re interested).

We’ve been updating the site weekdays with either a retro review or a brand-new piece, and there’s content scheduled right now for literally months to come. But we particularly want to point you to the brand-new stuff from the Mutants:

And as you saw this past week, we had our first theme week — Ghostbusters Week — since the site’s resurrection! During that week, we posted:

We wanted to give you all a fun surprise today as well, so we commissioned our friend Greg Rackham to work up a brand-new banner for Mutant Reviewers. You probably noticed it up there already, but isn’t it awesome?

Mutant Reviewers has always been a site with a lot of personality, and that banner helps to express that in a zany and weird way. If you like the design, check out Greg’s t-shirt store on Teepublic!

Finally, what’s to come? There are plenty of pots cooking and bubbling on the stove, full of savory delights. There will be plenty more reviews and features re-introduced into the Mutant Reviewers ecosystem alongside some brand-new ones as well. New theme weeks are in the works, and if you’re a Superfriends fan, well… stay tuned. That’s all we’ll say about that!

Thanks for your support and readership! Let your friends know about the site, follow us on Twitter, and chat with all the Mutants on our Facebook page.

Have a great month,

The Mutant Reviewers

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