Community is canceled after five seasons

It’s the darkest timeline indeed: NBC has canceled Community after its half-size fifth season run:

Community has gradually slipped in ratings over the years, and even the return of show creator Dan Harmon for season five couldn’t rejuvenate the series — at least in terms of overall viewership. Community has risked cancellation more than once, but NBC has stuck by the Joel McHale-led program until now.

Still, an exodus from network television doesn’t necessarily mean Community is done for. Production company Sony Pictures Television already has a cozy relationship with Netflix, so finding a new home for Community on the streaming service could be one possibility.



  1. This has absolutely nothing to do with Community but I’m trying to identify a movie that’s lurking in the dark recesses of my mind that was reviewed on this site a ways back (like 2007 or 2008). I think it was reviewed by Al. It was this strange kids educational film from the early 90s about this kid and this weird purple superhero guy who had a bit of Captain Planet type vibe going for him. I think it had to do with dealing with ones emotions or something.

    Any help trying to identify this would be much appreciated.

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