Terminator reboot finds new Kyle Reese

Jai_Courtney_1_2012I wasn’t even aware that there was a Terminator reboot in the making, nevermind one that’s bringing back Arnold, but there you go!  Looks like they found their Kyle Reese, too.

From Variety:

After testing a handful of guys, Jai Courtney has been tapped to play Kyle Reese in Paramount and Skydance’s “Terminator” reboot.

Emilia Clarke is on board to play Sarah Connor and Jason Clarke will play John Connor. Arnold Schwarzenegger will also return in his iconic role. Alan Taylor is directing.

Plot details have not been revealed, other than this is the first film in a stand alone trilogy.



  1. Oh, for cryin’ out loud, WHAT’S THE POINT? What’s the point, Hollywood? What the hell is the freakin’ POINT? The old franchise was perfectly healthy, last I checked; you’re still making millions and millions of dollars off of it, there are still sequels and prequels and whatnot that could be made (not necessary ones, mind you; I woulda stopped with T2, but still) – why bother with something that DOESN’T NEED TO HAPPEN? Oh, did poor woogums not make quite as disgusting an amount of money with the last movie as they thought they would? There, there; here comes a reboot to make it all better – faugh! Reboots for everybody! Let’s strip-mine the past! GOOD GODS, WHEN WILL IT STOP?!
    …Eh, sorry. That was a long time coming.

  2. I am still mad, they didnt follow up on the idea of an alternate timeline, where Jon Connor didnt lead the resistance, but it still worked out somehow (as in the TV-Series hinted). It would have been fun to see the young jon conner cope with the loss of his “loved to hate” role as mankinds messias. Not to mention that no movie ever made it believable that he could pull it off.

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