Star Wars: Rebels brings the focus back to the spirig of the original trilogy

rebelsA good read concerning the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels animated series that’s coming this fall to the Disney channel is in USA Today.  What has me most excited about this is that we’re finally moving on from the awful Clone Wars era (the prequel movies, animated series) and back to the classic trilogy era.  Rebels takes place some time before A New Hope as it examines the beginning of the Rebellion against the Empire.

A few other interesting details revealed:

  • It primarily concerns the Rebel leader Kanan and his crew aboard the ship Ghost
  • This is the first on-screen Star Wars project since Disney purchased the franchise
  • One of the characters is Chopper the astromech droid, who is very grumpy but loyal too
  • The big foe is a talented Imperial Inquisitor who is hunting down remaining Jedi
  • The show will take cues from the character dialogue and design aesthetics of the original trilogy

The best quote?  “What he’s experienced so far in the new Star Wars approach is a focus on character and humanity rather than effects and technology.”


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