Saturday’s Six: Summer camp films

cmapAs summer hits its high stride this month, many kids (and a few adults with more money and free time than I have) will be off at some summer camp or another.  So why not check out one of these summer camp films (and some of our awesome reviews of them)?

1. Addams Family Values: “Pugsly and Wednesday are booted off to the summer camp from heaven. So far out of their element as to render Wednesday’s thumbscrews powerless, the kids make a stand for true freaky weirdness.”

2. Meatballs: The quintessential summer camp flick with the best counselor ever — Bill Murray.  While a little tame and predictable today, it’s still enjoyable and has fun with its premise of a camp full of misfits competing against an uber-rich camp across the lake.

3. Friday the 13th: “I can kind of understand why Crystal Lake’s camp counselors would stay on staff at this ‘Camp Blood’ where all these murders are taking place. Everyone practically eggs them on to do it.”

4. Indian Summer: Take a look at the enduring spirit of summer camp through the eyes of adults as a group of former campers returns to their stomping grounds for one final weekend before the camp is closed down.  I’ve always loved the approach of this film.

5. Wet Hot American Summer: It’s a satire of summer camp films (although, to be fair, were there really that many of them to warrant a satire?).  It’s amusing and definitely has its moments as a group of wacked-out campers and counselors celebrate their final day of camp in 1981, but it’s not as consistent as it should be.

6. Happy Campers: The summer camp movie that nobody seems to have heard of, Happy Campers is surprisingly entertaining as college counselors find themselves in charge of Camp Bleeding Dove when lightning hits the head guy.  One of about a hundred movies where Justin Long plays a character about 10 years younger than him.


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