Welcome to Remake Week!

A common accusation is that Hollywood is so bereft of original ideas that no good film is safe from being dug up and remade for a new generation.  Which is true, but we at Mutant Reviewers don’t automatically poo-poo such efforts.  Sometimes the remake exceeds previous efforts and sometimes it serves to draw a new generation of movie-goers to the original.

So welcome to Remake Week, where we’ll be looking at both original films and their remakes.  The Mutants are on deck to bring all of their witty and withering analysis upon such projects — the only question is which will be left standing and which will be buried forever in shame?

One comment

  1. Any chance that To Be or Not to Be will be featured? It’s one of those cases where the original and the remake are equal (with each having their own strengths and weaknesses).

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