Z*Con, Or: How To Be A Part Of Movie History And Help Charity While You’re At It

A few weeks ago I did an interview with the awesome Michael Dougherty, director of Browncoats: Redemption, a Firefly fan-film that generated over 100,000 for charity and involved Joss Whedon and members of the Firefly cast. We told you about his newest movie-for-charity project, Z*Con, about four teens who get stuck at a convention during a zombie apocalypse, and promised to update you when the Kickstarter project began.

Well, mutated ones, the Kickstarter campaign has officially launched and lasts til July 11th. They’re trying to raise $250,000, so go check out what they’re doing and see if you’d like to lend a couple of bucks to the cause. You can give as little as a dollar, but when $15 gets you the DVD and your name in the closing credits (and more) why not go the extra fourteen? To see the other dollar amounts you can pledge, and all the fantabulous rewards they could earn you, go to:


Don’t forget to watch the video while you’re there to get more info on the project and watch me get chased by zombies!

Looking for more ways to stay in the know?

Z*Con Facebook page




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