Sunday Sunrise: Movie-inspired Vacations

Hello again, mutated ones! A few weeks ago we had  Memorial Day weekend over at MRFH Headquarters, and while we certainly did not go anywhere (Justin currently pays us in Septims, and when we try to argue that it isn’t real currency he shouts “WULD NAH KEST!” and disappears), we’re sure some of you probably enjoyed a much-needed vacation. On the rare occasion that I’ve managed to file through the bars Justin installed on the office windows, I tend to choose movie-inspired locales for my getaways.

For example, a couple of years ago when I was still living in California, my husband and I were on a road trip to see the Redwoods.  We were just north of San Francisco when I found out that Bodega Bay was pretty close. Bodega Bay is the setting of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and, my fandom of Hitchcock being what it is, I immediately pleaded for us to spend a night there. We got to see the schoolhouse (in the nearby town of Bodega), among a few other of the town’s remaining buildings featured in the film and drove the old coast highway that runs along the cliffs, which Tippie Hedren travels in the beginning of the film. I also got a nifty booklet at the vistor’s center all about the movie, its stars, and how the filming affected the sleepy little bay. If you live in that area or plan to pass by, I highly recommend it.

Have you ever taken any movie-inspired vacations? Did it live up to your expectations? If not, how was the place different from what the movies had you imagine?



  1. It wasn’t the focus of the vacation, but while visiting Estes Park, Colorado, I just HAD to check out the Stanley Hotel — both the inspiration for, and the exterior location from the remake of the Shining.

  2. In terms of a vacation, no. However, I do live fairly close to the village of Mendocino, which has featured in a LOT of movies as picturesque background, so every now and then I’ll watch one of them and go ‘hey – I went to that place once!’ or ‘that’s the same view you get driving along the road!’ or whatever.

    • Neato! Living in California (San Diego, for me) lends itself to lots of “Hey I’ve seen that before!” opportunities while watching movies. I really wanted to go to the Bronson Caves where a lot of old movies and shows were shot, specifically to see the entrance to the Bat Cave from the original Batman series.

      • I think Southern Californians get spoiled in that regard, since generations of penny-pinching producers have made the nearby scenery into everything from Sherwood Forest to Mars. With me, those ‘aha!’ moments come up more when the films are set in San Francisco, which I’m at least semi-familiar with – and it’s REALLY a trip watching them with my parents, since they used to live there for a while. They always start going ‘oh, look, it’s that place we used to go to!’ or ‘what are they doing; you can’t get there from there!’ and so on.
        Regarding Mendocino, I haven’t actually seen a lot of the films set there – but there is one movie; it’s called ‘Dying Young’, with Julia Roberts, which features a view of the place which, I kid you not, is EXACTLY the view you get as you’re driving down the road toward it. I went to high school there, and I must have seen that view a thousand times – seeing it actually on film was kind of bizarre; it was like it had been plucked straight from my head.

  3. It wasn’t a movie -inspired vacation, but when my family went to Europe, there was more than one reason we went to Oxford. For about six months afterwards, my parents went through a near-constant ‘We’ve been there!’ or ‘We’ve seen that!” whenever Mum watched inspector morse.

  4. I took a documentary-inspired vacation recently, does that count? Not too many years ago the British actor Stephen Fry had a multi-part series on PBS in which he was traveling through the U.S. to visit the sorts of places you don’t usually see on travel shows. I happened to see the episode in which he visited Barrow, Alaska, the most northerly town in America. I was fascinated!

    Well, a couple of years ago I took a week’s vacation to Alaska and during the trip I took a two-day jaunt up to Barrow. I loved it! It’s a unique and intriguing town, largely populated by Eskimos who hunt 50-foot whales from four-man row boats. I scoffed at the Arctic Circle as I casually flew over it, I gazed upon the endless tundra, I dipped my hand in the Arctic Ocean, and I stood in awe as I realized I was at the very edge of civilization. The only things beyond Barrow are whales, polar bears, and the North Pole.

    I know they made some vampire movie that was set in Barrow, but I never saw it. Instead, I was compelled to go because of an actor who deftly portrayed the inestimable Jeeves.

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