Sunday Sunrise: What franchise would you continue?

As you’ve no doubt noticed, many film franchises simply refuse to die. Years later, a series you thought was gone for good will claw its way out of the grave, lurching spastically forward in an effort to devour your juicy, delicious ticket money. People, they’re making a FIFTH Die Hard movie. Clearly some franchises will never end.

But if they aren’t going to stop, at least we can embrace it. So today’s question is: if you were given total control over writing, casting, and directing, what’s the ONE film franchise you would choose to make the next movie in? For our purposes, “franchise” is defined as any series with 3 movies or more. Other than that, it can be anything — James Bond, House Party, Friday the 13th — totally up to you.

The only other rule is, you’re continuing the series rather than rebooting it. No nu Star Trek for you. So go ahead, tell us which series you’re taking the reins of, and why!


  1. Well, this is probably a completely lame idea: The NeverEnding Story. It’s been around fourteen years since the last one, I think that’s long enough. Its title implies that it will go on ad infinitum, or ad nauseam, depending on your opinion.

    • I don’t think that’s a terrible idea. Unfortunately the second movie was crap, and the third one doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned, so I have kind of a bad taste in my mouth for this series. Done right, though, I agree that it would be cool for the story to keep evolving.

    • I’d like to see Fantasia go according to Walt’s original plan, which was to release new ones every so often.

    • There actually is a ‘Neverending Story’ remake in the works, apparently, so you may get your wish. It’s not a continuation, I know, so maybe it doesn’t fit here, but really, the third movie completely scuttled any chance of the original franchise continuing.

  2. The Evil Dead series. Perhaps it oughta stay finished, but I’d like to pick up where the british ending of Army of Darkness left off. That’d be fun.

    Either that, or Hellraiser. That one spun outta control, but I think it’d be cool to get it back on track.

  3. This is NOT going to happen, given how long it’s been and how many people thought the original was a complete flop, but I’d like to see a ‘Toys’ sequel. The original had such an amazing, distinctive look to it, and a unique balance of childlike whimsy and militaristic menace – I’d be interested in seeing fresh new complications pop up at Zevo Toys.
    Also, ‘Darkman’. That had several so-so straight-to-video sequels, but they didn’t really add much to the character, and you could pretty much ignore them. I’d say a follow-up where he finally DOES perfect the artificial skin and try to reenter society would be pretty damn interesting.

    • I agree on both, though there are always Ghostbusters 3 rumors circulating. I think another chapter for PCU would be great, Droz could be on the faculty at Port Chester… or still trying to graduate, and David Spade can be an evil Dean, Board Member, etc…

    • I never knew what a following this film had until recently. It didn’t really stand out to me as a great flick when I was a kid but, for some people, I’ve found it’s a real childhood treasure. Race to Witch Mountain did good box office (wikipedia says 106 mil, about twice it’s budget), so that plus the nostalgia factor means it definitely could happen.

      • Yes, it’s a memorable film but not a very good one. I think it’s because it hit on a childhood fantasy, and hit hard: kids with psychic powers on the run. The BBC series the Tomorrow People was the same. A lot of people remember that one too.

        Race…race sucked hard. None of the charm of either of the first two films, horrible effects and plot, and unlikable kids. The cameos of the two original stars are really the only bright spot.

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