Sunday Sunrise: Your best and dream Halloween costumes

Greetings, fright fans! Welcome back to our weekly discussion where we ask a question and you talk it over in the comments section. As Halloween draws closer, many of you are either putting the finishing touches on 38-piece anime-inspired costumes that will knock the rest of us on our keisters, or digging through your closet for the same Batman outfit you’ve worn 7 years running. (Why mess with the classics?) Or you’re dressing your dog up as Boba Fett. Regardless, there’s something about Halloween costumes that affects everyone differently. They make kids more creative, college students less inhibited, parents massively frustrated. So our question to you today is twofold- what is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? And what movie character do you most wish you could dress up as, but either haven’t yet or never will?

For my part, my mother once spray-painted a cardboard box white with black dots and I went as a die. And if I could perfect the squint, I wouldn’t mind going as the Man with No Name.


This woman owns Comic-Con 2011. Do not try this at home.



  1. Personally, the best one I ever had was the year I dressed up as the Headless Horseman. I had my dad make me a frame made out of chicken wire that went over my head and rested on my shoulders, and I wore a long cloak over that with a fake ‘collar’ on top, so when the front of the cloak was closed, it looked like I was a headless man a good foot taller than I actually was. It was awesome; I felt like a giant. Of course I didn’t have a horse to ride, but still.
    As for a movie character I’d like to dress up as, I’d have to say V from ‘V for Vendetta’.

  2. I had a lot of good ones as a kid. The younger me did the whole “my mom’s religious so I’m gonna dress up as non-scary things like Rainbow Brite” for a few years. Eventually I won the argument, though, and went as Jason Vorhees, a dead softball player, and I actually wore the costume from Scream years before the movie was made (mine was the all-white, glow-in-the-dark version and got tons of compliments). I also went as the T-Rex from Jurassic Park the year it came out. That one won a lot of costume contests.

    Probably the costume I’m most proud of is my rockin’ purple pirate one, sexy but not over-the-top sexy. My friend and I made it from scratch from a pattern, and I held nothing back in the way of gaudy accessories.

    Were I to be the size I want to be, and assuming I could find/make a good enough costume, I’d love to go as Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop.

  3. Yep, it’s Star Sapphire. She used to have a fairly chaste, ’60s-era outfit, but the character was reinvisioned a few years ago in the big Green Lantern reboot, complete with sexified costume. (Kept the disco collar, tho’.)

  4. Well, unfortunately, Halloween is all but non-existent here in Australia. Unfortunately, because dressing up, chocolate, and horror movies are some of my favourite things!

    I DO go to two anime conventions a year, though, but I’ve never had the nerve to cosplay. But one of these days, I’ll work up the nerve to go as Rangiku Matsomoto from Bleach – I’ve already got the bust for it!
    I’d also like to try out Yoriko Readman from the ROD (read or die) movie – one of my friends got me to watch it be telling me it was ME as an anime character.
    If I had the legs for it, I’d try Maka Albarn from Soul Eater – if I can lengthen the skirt, I might try it anyway, just for the Badass coat!
    Mind you, at Manifest this year I saw someone dressed up as Euphemia from Code Geass, complete with pink wig. I’m PRETTY sure it was a guy. There are reasons why you don’t look too closely at who goes into what toilet at anime conventions.
    I think my gold star goes to the Storm Trooper at Manifest last year and someone at AVcon this year who pulled off a NewWho cyberman – seriously, both of them looked like they’d just walked off the set!

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