Poster Dissection: Avatar

In our infamous Poster Dissections, we break down the anatomy of a movie poster for all you 9th grade biology/film students out there.  Today, we’re looking at the poster for James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar:


  1. I guess this sounds a bit better than “From the director who stopped making real movies after Titanic, and instead fashioned bizarrely boring ‘documentaries’ about underwater aliens.”
  2. Star acne!  Because even aliens go through puberty.
  3. Big puffy Angelina Jolie lips means that even though this lady is blue, she’s still worthy of a celebrity centerfold in People magazine.
  4. Aaaaand, ladies and gentlemen, the Papyrus font.  Since this film was made for approximately a billion million dollars, couldn’t it afford something more unique than one of the most overused fonts in history?
  5. This poster doesn’t really tell you much of anything, does it?  A half a blue face, star acne, and a black background.  This could be “Smurfs: The Movie” for all I know.
  6. I do like that the bottom is “clean” — without all that smushed-up list of credits.  Just a website and studio icons.  Nice.


  1. Actually the font is not Papyrus. Very similar, but not quite it.

    But yes, it still suck for a billion-dollar-movie.

    I like the poster since it’s clean. No grand Photoshop work with 5 different faces faded into some shade, with exploding cars in the background. Just a big blue face that will make the poster recognizable a mile away.

    • I know it’s not exact, but it’s certainly a hair’s breadth away from being Papyrus, and from my 2 minutes of research, most folks feel so too.

      • It probably started life as Papyrus, but some clever (read: competent) graphics designer tweaked the vector points in Photoshop slightly. Even I can do that and I’m a programmer 😛

  2. I don’t think I’d want one of these hanging on my wall though, would probably keep me awake at night. I really love the effects! So genius and most of all good for all ages.Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I love the effects but it is quite similar. I like this poster very clear and clean. I just hope that there’s part 2 of Avatar.

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