That Thing You Do!

thing you do “I led you here, sir, for I am Spartacus.”

The Scoop: 1996 PG, directed by Tom Hanks and starring Tom Hanks, Liv Tyler and Tom Hanks’ younger clone (er, Tom Everett Scott)

Tagline: In every life there comes a time when that dream you dream becomes that thing you do.

Summary Capsule: The Oneders Wonders, a group of young musicians in the mid 60s, record a hit tune and skyrocket to fame… maybe a bit too quickly. Can the band work out their differences, or will they end up as the one-hit Wonders? Continue reading

Eunice does Rhinestone

rhinestone_poster“You can always tell when Barnett’s been over to my house. The toilet don’t never flush and the cat’s pregnant.”

The Scoop: 1984 PG, directed by Bob Clark and starring Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone

Tagline: She’s bet everything, and we mean everything, that she can turn this New York cabbie into an overnight sensation. He has other things in mind. But he’s never had a trainer like this one!

Summary Capsule: Country girl Dolly Parton makes a bet she can turn New York cabbie Sylvester Stallone into a country singer.

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Saturday’s Six: One-Artist Soundtracks

I’ve always been interested in soundtracks done entirely by one band or artist. I’m not talking about film scores done by traditional composers, like John Williams or Danny Elfman, nor do I mean soundtracks for films like Purple Rain and Interstella 5555, which were made as kind of a vehicle for the album. No, I’m being incredibly specific here and just want to make a list of movies whose soundtracks were by one pop/rock act who had nothing otherwise to do with the film, using music either written specifically for the film by, or plucked from the repertoire of, said act. It’s the toughest list I’ve ever had to arrange, and it by no means encompasses all one-artist soundtracks out there, but these are my six favorites in an order as close to least-to-most favorite as I could get them.

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Footloose (1984) [retro review]

“There is a time to dance, and this is ours.”

The Scoop: 1984 PG-13, directed by Herbert Ross and starring Kevin Bacon, John Lithgow and Diane Wiest.

Tagline: He’s a big-city kid in a small town. They said he wouldn’t win. He knew he had to.

Summary Capsule: Dislocated high school student (Bacon) rebels against anti-dance law instituted by Baptist preacher (Lithgow).

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Deneb does Rock and Rule

“Oh, what will the signal be/For your eyes to see me/Watching offside as I wait/Just in case you need me/So I still will set the stage/Send my thoughts to you/I’m receiving every wave/that sent love, sent love through…”

The Scoop: 1983 PG, directed by Clive A. Smith and starring Paul Le Mat, Susan Roman, Don Francks, Dan Hennessey, Greg Duffell, Chris Wiggins, Brent Titcomb and Catherine Gallant.

Tagline: The Beauty… The Beast… The Beat!

Summary Capsule: Post-apocalyptic mutant dog rock star wants to summon a demon through the power of rock, and… do you really need to know more? Continue reading

Swing Kids [retro review]

“It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing.”

The Scoop: 1993 PG-13, directed by Thomas Carter and starring Robert Sean Leonard, Christian Bale, and Tushka Bergen

Tagline: In a world on the brink of war. You either march to one tune or dance to another.

Summary Capsule: During the rise of the Nazi party, a group of German kids rebel by Lindy-hopping like there’s no tomorrow.

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