Justin does Jocks

j1I’m going to try a new type of review here on Mutant Reviewers, an experiment that began with a rather impulsive purchase from Amazon.  I was doing a search for the third Meatballs film (which isn’t currently out on DVD, alas) when I came upon a “Too Cool for School Collection.”  It was almost too good to be true: 12 so-called cult comedies, mostly from the 80s, for $5.01.  Oh, I knew it was bad, even before I learned that they were all Crown International Pictures films (Mystery Science Theater 3000 loves CIP movies, if you need a reference), but how could I resist?  Twelve!  For five bucks!

And so I thought I’d go through these on a casual basis, and perhaps semi-live blog them instead of doing our typical review format.  First up on the docket is the 1987 film Jocks (box office gross: $120,000), which is an interesting title for what is clearly a tennis movie.  Are tennis athletes “jocks?”  I guess technically, but I would never be afraid of one as a geek in school.

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Loverboy_Poster“No, no: tell them there are no! More! Anchovies!”

The Scoop: 1989 PG-13, directed by Joan Micklin Silver and starring Patrick Dempsey, Barbara Carrera, and Nancy Valen

Tagline: …he delivers.

Summary Capsule: A college student whose dad refuses to spring for his tuition decides to make money the old-fashioned way: being a pizza delivery gigolo for the wives of southern California. It’s so funny!

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How I Got Into College [Savage Steve Holland Week]

how i got into college“That’s the beauty of the Bauer/Bennedict method. You see, you don’t have to understand us… just trust us!”

The Scoop: PG 1989, directed by Savage Steve Holland and starring Anthony Edwards, Lara Flynn Boyle and Corey Parker.

Summary Capsule: Two young high school seniors apply to Ramsey College, while the college admissions board goes insane. Continue reading

Al does One Crazy Summer [Savage Steve Holland Week]

One Crazy Summerbox“Hey, Hoops, you ever notice how people die in alphabetical order?”

The Scoop: 1986 PG. Directed by Savage Steve Holland and starring John Cusack, Demi Moore, and Curtis Armstrong.

Tagline: They’re out of school, out on Nantucket, and out of their minds. With this crowd, anything can happen!

Summary Capsule: Teens spend a really crazy summer on an island, fighting against the forces of evil snobs and punks with pink wigs.

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Better Off Dead [Savage Steve Holland Week]

better“Didn’t ask for a dime. Two dollars.”

The Scoop: 1985 PG, directed by Savage Steve Holland and starring John Cusack, Diane Franklin and Scooter Stevens.

Tagline: Teenage life has never been darker or funnier.

Summary Capsule: Boy loses girl, tries to kill himself many times, fails, then Overcomes All Odds to become an 80’s icon. As parodied on South Park.

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Welcome to Savage Steve Holland Week!

steveIn honor of the news that “Savage” Steve Holland is returning to the field of teen comedies, Mutant Reviewers has decided to dedicate an entire week to looking at his 80s comedies and the man himself.  Holland’s brand of comedies contained perhaps some of the most quintessential 80s style, from the zany plots to cartoon additions to the surrealness of the decade.

So as we get the ball rolling on this theme week, sound off in the comments: What was your favorite Savage Steve Holland film and why?

Eunice does Bloodsport

bloodsport-poster“That hurts me just lookin’ at it.”

The Scoop: 1988 R, directed by Newt Arnold and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Donald Gibb, Bolo Yeung, and Leah Ayres

Tagline: The secret contest where the world’s greatest warriors fight in a battle to the death.

Summary Capsule: JVCD and Ogre fight their way through a whole bunch of ethnic stereotypes to face big bad Bolo Yeung in an underground fighting competition.

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